Ingredients identification and quality control evaluation of phalakalyan ghrita: an ayurvedic formulation

Rajput Shivshankar, Mata Shweta, L. P. Dei, C. R. Harisha, V. J. Shukla


Infertility is defined as failure to conceive within one year or more than one year of regular and
unprotected coitus. It is the most sensitive and cumbersome problem which haunts every
couple. Total 10-15% of world population affected due to this problem. Among them Female
is directly responsible about 40%. The sub factors of female infertility are Ovarian,
Endometrial, Tubal and Uterine etc. In Ayurved so many formulation are given for Infertility.
Phalakalyana Ghrita (PKG) is a commonly used and prescribed Ayurvedic poly herbal
formulation in all types of Infertility. However, till date no published data is available on its analytical profile. The main aims and objectives of this study are to develop the
pharmacognostical and phytochemical profile of PKG. The pharmacognostical study reveals
the presence of Lignified fibres, Prismatic crystals, Borderpitted vessels, Rhomboidal crystal, Scleroids, Stone cells etc. Pharmaceutical analysis showed that the loss on drying value was 0.47% w/w, Specific gravity was 0.9133, Refractive index was 1.46, Iodine value was 48.56,
Saponification value was 227.05, and Acid value was 1.29. HPTLC fingerprinting profile of
PKG revealed 10 spots at 254 nm and 5 spots at 366nm.


HPTLC, Phalakalyana Ghrita, Pharmacognosy, Physicochemical.

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