Pharmacognostical and Pharmacochemical Parameters of Tablet Sutashekhara Rasa – Without Gold

Shweta Mata P, D. B. Vaghela, K. S. Dhiman, C. R. Harisha, V. J. Shukla


Tablet Sutashekhara Rasa (TSR) is an Ayurvedic, herbo-metal formulation prescribed widely
for several conditions such as Acid peptic disorders, Pain in abdomen, Haemorrhage, Mental
disorders etc. On analysis of pharmcodynamics of this compound it is basically Pitta
corrective drug. Ardhavabhedaka (Migraine) is also one of the clinical morbidity which is
manifested by vitiated Pitta/Rakta along with Vata. The available treatment in modern
medicine is use of NSAIDs, Beta-blockers etc. with only temporary relief. TSR being a Pitta
corrective is used in a clinical study with new indication in Ardhavabhedaka (Migraine). Till
date there is no data available regarding evaluation ofTSR. Present study an attempt to
develop newer approaches for the quality control and standardization of TSR. The samples
were subjected to organoleptic, physicochemical analysis and Chromatographic (HPTLC)
examination by optimizing the solvent systems. The phrmacognostical study of ingredients of
TSR shows the presence of Sceleriform vessel, Lignified stone cells, Bottle necked
shapedstone cells etc. Pharmaceutical analysis showed that the Average weight of tablet
276mg, Average hardness of tablet 2.05 Kg/cm2, Loss on drying 4.7904% w/w, pH value 7
and High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography at 254nm and 366nm resulted into 6


HPTLC,Pharmacognosy, Physicochemical,Tablet Sutashekhara Rasa.

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