Recent trends and advances in hemophilia - its management and new therapeutic outcomes

Jiguru Prasant


Hemophilia unfortunately a less attracted disease for researchers compared to other life
threatening diseases. The prevalence of hemophilia is estimated to be about 1:10,000 birth
and that of the severe form of the disease to be about 6% per 1,00,000 population. The most
pathetic part of this disease is that even medical personnel are sometimes not familiar with its
diagnosis and management. There is obviously a need to establish facilities and treatment
options that will help the patient with hemophilia to manage their life with ease. As this is a
genetic disorder no complete cure is possible as of now. The only available treatment option
is the infusion of factors and some adjuvant therapies depending upon the bleeding conditions
.The initiative for the development of new dosage forms, new delivery systems of the existing
therapies or new treatment options has to be driven by pharmacy professionals. This article
present an overview of hemophilia, in order to drag the attention of medical as well as
pharmacy professionals for the benefit of millions of hemophilic patients .


Hemophilia, Factor VIII, factor IX, Hemostasis, Thrombin.

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