Assessment of visual problems in elderly in an urban slum community of Mumbai

Vinod S Kamble, Aparna Y Takpere, Santosh Biradar, Sriniwas Reddy


Visual problems in the elderly share a major portion of the disability in the
elderly. Visual impairment in the elderly can interfere with daily activities tremendously
leading to dependence in many things. It can also lead to accidents and falls. Hence a study
was carried out in an urban slum community at Mumbai to assess the various visual problems
in the elderly, its causes and the prevalence. Methodology: Community based cross-sectional
study of the elderly persons residing in an urban slum of Mumbai. Results: 65.54% (426)
people had visual disability. Of 426 people with visual impairment 405(95.07%) people had
low vision and 21 (4.93%) were blind. It was observed that errors of refraction (63.85%) and
cataract (18.31%) were the most common cause of visual impairment. Conclusion: Visual
impairment and disability is a major problem of the elderly. Errors of refraction and Cataract
are the major causes for this disability which can be treated, thus preventing visual handicap
and dependency.


Blindness, Handicap, Low vision, Visual impairment

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