Carcinosarcoma of oesophagus: A case report

Dinisha Einstien, R Priavadhana, B.O. Parijatham


Oesophageal carcinosarcoma is a rare type of oesophageal cancer composed of both epithelial
and mesenchymal components, occuring with an incidence of about 0.1-1.5 % of all
oesophageal tumors. Most of the cases have been reported from Japan. Very few cases have
been reported from India. We report a case of 65 year old female who presented with
dysphagia and weight loss. Endoscopy revealed a bulky mass and the preliminary diagnosis
was oesophageal carcinoma. On histology of the surgical specimen, the tumour revealed both
epithelial and sarcomatous malignant cells. A tentative diagnosis of oesophageal
carcinosarcoma was made. Immunohistochemical studies showed positivity for both pancytokeratin
and vimentin thus confirming the diagnosis.


Carcinosarcoma,Oesophagus,Epithelial component ,Keratin,sarcomatous component ,Vimentin

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