Nanoemulsion: A Review on Novel Profusion in Advanced Drug Delivery

Rohit Rajendra Bhosale, Riyaz Ali Osmani, Prasanna Prasad Ghodake, Sabir Majjid Shaikh, Sarika Raghunath Chavan


Nanoemulsions are submicron sized emulsion that is under extensive investigation as drug
carriers for improving the delivery of therapeutic agents. These are by far the most advanced
nanoparticle systems for the systemic delivery of active pharmaceutical for controlled drug
delivery and targeting. These are the thermodynamically stable isotropic system in which two
immiscible liquid (water and oil) are mixed to form a single phase by means of an appropriate
surfactants or it mixes with a droplet diameter approximately in the range of 0.5-100 µm.
Nanoemulsion droplet size falls typically in the range of 20-200 nm and shows a narrow size
distribution. Nanoemulsion show great promise for the future of cosmetics, diagnostics, drug
therapies and biotechnologies. Thus the aim of this review is focused on nanoemulsion
advantage and disadvantage, various methods of preparation, characterization techniques and
the various applications of sub micron size emulsion in different areas such as various route
of administration, in chemotherapy, in cosmetic, etc.


Nanoemulsion,Submicron size droplet, Self-emulsifying agent, Drug delivery system.

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