Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Research Vol, 1 Issue 4, Oct-Dec, 2013

Research Articles

    1. Preliminary morphological and anatomical study of Orthosiphon stamineus
    2. Effect of Melia azedarach and Dodonaea viscosa aqueous leaf extracts on fertility in male albino rats
    3. Sterol contents from some fabaceous medicinal plants of Rajasthan desert
    4. Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial potential of silver nanoparticles by Morus nigra leaf extract
    5. Biological Evaluation of 1, 2-bis (2, 4, 6-Trinitrophenyl) Hydrazine
    6. Evaluation of Serum Adenosine Deaminase and Retinol in patients with Laryngeal Cancer
    7. Mineral contents from some fabaceous plant species of Rajasthan desert
    8. Antimicrobial activity and Characterization of Marine bacteria
    9. Stability indicating RP HPLC method for determination of levitiracetam in pharmaceutical formulation
    10. Preliminary study of the digestive effects of Chenopodium ambrosioides Linn. (Chenopodiaceae) leaves extracts in goats
    11. Bacteriostatic activity of con a lectin from Canavalia ensiformis
    12. Development and evaluation of nifidipine loaded tablet formulation for colon drug delivery
    13. Ethnomedicinal plants of Jodhpur District, Rajasthan used in herbal and folk remedies
    14. Isolation and Quantification of Aflatoxin from Aspergillus flavus Infected Stored Peanuts
    15. In Silico Investigation of Rv Hypothetical Proteins of Virulent Strain Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv
    16. Formulation and Evaluation of sustained release matrix tablets of Glipizide
    17. Method Development and Validation for Simultaneous Estimation of Ketorolac and Sparfloxacin by RP-HPLC
    18. Timed Release of Valsartan from Programmable Release Capsules: Importance of Plasticizers
    19. Rust fungi on some poaceous weeds of wheat crops in Pakistan


Case Report

    1. D-Pencillamine induced nephrotic syndrome in 11-year old girl with wilson disease: A case report
    2. Atypical presentations of congenital cutaneous candidiasis-presenting a cohort of 8 cases
    3. Ulcerative colitis in 17 yr old girl masquerading as severe anemia: A case report


Review Articles

  1. Bioactivity, therapeutic utility and toxicological risks of Khaya senegalensis
  2. Colon targeted drug delivery system: A review on current approaches
  3. Aflatoxin Contamination in Agricultural Commodities
  4. Nelumbo Nucifera -Lotus- A Review on Ethanobotany, Phytochemistry and Pharmacology
  5. Probiotics in oral health – A new tool in pharmaceutical science

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