Decalcification: An Amenable Process in Oral Histology

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Nandini Bhardwaj
Abhiney Puri
Rajat Nangia
Alisha Dogra
Prabhpreet Kaur


In histopathology, decalcification of calcified tissues plays a highly essential role in determining any hard tissue pathology by means of adequate tissue processing protocols. Before the examination of the tissue thoroughly to thrive for a final diagnosis, tissues go through a sequential curriculum to be differentiated clearly. To prepare tissues for microscopic examination, the elimination of calcium from hard tissues is an essential step so that acceptable sections can be obtained and used further. Decalcification is carried out by various decalcifying methods incorporating a variety of decalcifying agents, including acids and chelating agents. However, as it sometimes takes a long time lag and decreases the staining qualities of the specimen, many ventures have been made to find methods for accelerating this procedure.

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Bhardwaj N, Puri A, Nangia R, Dogra A, Kaur P. Decalcification: An Amenable Process in Oral Histology. IJPBR [Internet]. 31Dec.2021 [cited 5Mar.2024];9(04):1-. Available from:
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